Hi! I am Jenny, and I’m obsessed with what old movie stars liked to eat and drink. I rustle up their favourite dishes on a regular basis.

What’s the gossip?

I’m serializing the Murder, She Cooked book exclusively here on Substack. You lucky folks will get a version with fun screen grabs. The book is similar, but also contains verdicts on the recipes from test cooks.

What will I get?

An episode guide and a favorite recipe from one of the stars of each show magically delivered directly from Cabot Cove to your inbox once a month. Free!

Extra goodies if you join the Cabot Cove Club

All club members get to chase a Murder, She Wrote character name. Just imagine you could travel back in time and be a member of the cast, who would you be?

Free subscribers always welcome! Extra stuff for paid club members.

Cabot Cove Club Board of Directors

President - Ideal Molloy played by Tim B

Secretary - Eve Simpson played by Jenny H

Entertainments Officer - Amos Tupper played by Sam R

Communications - Loretta Spiegel played by Albert P

Chair - Jessica Fletcher played by Dame Angela L (who else?!)

Special Members

Miss Springer played by Anna R

Eudora McVeigh played by Sally

Adele Metzger played by Sherrie G

Grady Fletcher played by Brian T

Donna Mayberry played by Chloe C

Ethan Cragg played by Louise W

Loretta’s Assistant Coreen played by Brandyce H

Let me know what you think!

Verdicts on the recipes and your thoughts on the episodes are more than welcome. Please do tell any other Murder, She Wrote fans about this newsletter.

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